Online Bill Pay Service

online bill pay

The Orchard Bank online account comes with a benefit of serving you at your convenience. You are able to set up payments whether they are recurring, same day payments or single payments. Signing up to online bill pay service has been made very easy and fast. You can take a look at the requirements that are needed to begin paying your bills online.

Some of the features that can be helpful in taking charge of your account online are:

  • You are able to schedule your standard or recurring payments with our exclusive date-validating calendar. This will help you greatly in avoiding to schedule payments on weekends and holidays.
  • With our option of scheduling recurring payments, you can now plan for payments of up to one year in advance.
  • You can combine more than one credit card using the same login credentials. These online transfers save you so much time and money. By conducting online transfers, you stand a chance of benefiting from our special promotional rates.


Orchard Bank has payment options that fit in your tight schedule ad busy lifestyle. Some of the available options are:

  • By taking charge of your account online, you can make payments either by going to your account online, by mail or even by phone. This brings about so much convenience in your busy lifestyle.
  • The payment options enables you to pay your bills from up to three bank accounts thus easing the burden of transfers from one bank account to another.
  • For every payment that is conducted, online or by phone, you are able to track the history of your transactions. You can know who, when and how much was paid from your account.
  • Our Online bill pay service enables you to update or cancel scheduled payments from your account online.
  • For every payment that is done, you receive an email alert or text message alert that confirms the transaction.