Card Benefits

card benefits

Orchard Bank strives to serve their customers at the utmost excellence and believe in providing the best value and as much benefits as possible. In addition to this, in case you decide not to use your card,Orchard Bank will return your yearly fee within 30 days.

When you sign up for your account online, you can easily manage your card and get access at any time of the day where you can get important information and other helpful features and services.

As a holder of the Orchard Bank account credit card, you are able to:

  1. Access to information about your account online.
  2. According to your monthly budget, you can place a standing order to make periodic payments in your preferred time frame.
  3. You have a benefit of making payments either online or even by phone. Either way which you will feel is the most convenient for you.
  4. When you pay your card balance in full each ad every month, you evade interest which may otherwise accrue on your card.
  5. You have a privilege to set up personalized email alerts or text messages that will remind you of your upcoming repayment deadlines, or notifications on when your online statement is ready to be viewed.